Snowie Baby

Friday, July 31, 2009

A day at Tg Rhu

we goldens like to chew. look at me and king and u'll understand why.
this is king and takeru! isnt he the cutest boy!

patches the pretty.

logan, the handsome golden who eyes me whenever im ard. i like him! he has a big head and cute eyes.

me me me!

time for a water break!

we met serve and his family! i like them, they always pat me when they see me.

handsome right!

when 3 goldens come together. daisy, me and sasha!

lets enjoy being unleashed!

chloe our long lost friend!

hello everyone! my evening walk was great. i met most of my friends there, even long lost friend--chloe. and my, she has grown! we couldnt really recognise her anymore. had a round of catching and playing with daisy and sasha after which we continued on with our walk till my friends come.

my mommy and jie jie realised that my stamina has dropped and hoped to help me lose some weight ( fats ). oh noooo... i shall not think about it.

A picture speaks a thousand words. look how happy im with my friends!

im gonna hit the sack, im tired from the walk. good night everyone!

love, snowie.

A Sleepy Day

yummy treats from my family!
dont try putting anything on me! even tt christmas hat! woooooof.

now ure making me itchy!

yawnnn.. tired. feel like sleeping. time for a nappy!
one min later.....
2mins later.... ( alrdy asleepp )

5 mins laterrrrrrrrrrr....
tata everyone! going tg rhu later for my evening walk.
hope to see all my friends later.. till then!
love, snowie

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleeping Session in the car

look at my scarf! my mommy and jie jie helped to put it on. eeee. but i dont like it!

i love car rides where i get to slp.. snoreee.

today me went ecp for my evening walk. both my mommy and jie jie were not free so i walked with ah ma and ah gong so no pictures today! but i enjoyed my walk. woooof! promise to upload more pictures next time!
im feeling sleepy again. going to treatland now! gd night everydog and humans. =) wooof.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a super long post

hello everyone! blogger had been having lots of probs so i couldnt blog. so heres a super long post of what ive been doing these few days!
on my way there! excited!
this is marley my another bf=)

they are so irritating. kept disturbing us. we want our private time together!

tired from swimminggggg

russell, my playmate!
me went pasir ris on sunday for my usual routine of swimming, playing and bathing! i had alot of fun, we went super early in hope of finding more friends to play with! and we met russeell who was there early as well! after rounds of swim and games, my mommy and jie jie bathed me and brought me home. cant wait for the next weekend!

me gonna rest with ah ma.

my friends!

when 3 goldens come together=)

2 boys attacking at the same time! ahhh. wooof.


the pictures were taken at tg rhu. these are my dearest furryfriends=) thats why my family likes to take me there. if only max and zackt were there too! it will be much more fun.. and yoda seemed to like me alot. woooof!
im having diarrhoea now. hope it'll get better. my family is worried. maybe its something i ate during the walks. * whine*

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Love swimming on Sundays!

i want to swim, can you let me out?

Swimming with my friend, russell, who loves to knock against me as a form of announcing his arrival.
Rover, the St Bernard big boy is afraid of water, i used to be like this

My family brings me to pasir ris every sunday for a fun-filled day of running and swimming. I used to be afraid of water and would only envy others who jumps in and out of the pool with ease. My mommy and my jiejie thought of a plan, they carried me into the water and gradually, whenever i'm at pasir ris, my first visit was to jump into the pool for a refreshing swim and play with many fur buddies.How i wish the other fur buddies at Tg Rhu are able to join me as well.woof woof

Hmmm, someone's poo poo..sniff sniff.. I love to make friends, sniff sniff..Hihi, what's your name?
Delicious! Yummy food after a refreshing shower, many thanks to Rover's daddy for the bone

Time to go home, i'm always so happy after sunday's swimming session.Is dinner ready? i'm hungry!

Goodbye..i'm counting down to the next sunday, cant wait to swim again..

Friday, July 24, 2009

My First Post

Hello My Beloved Fur Buddies:

This is my new online diary, inspired by my wonderful fur buddies!

My baby photos:

Tired after a round of mischevious activities

My first car ride

My Sleeping Territory:

Drooling, mommy and jiejie always give in to me and share with me half of their beds..

My Fur Buddies:

I made many friends during my daily walks, my family brings me to many different places and the place where my largest group of friends come from is Tg Rhu. Naming them are Maxxy(The calm and gentle boy), Zackt(The charming adorable boy), Serve(The handsome collie), Kintaro(The tallest gentleman) and many others.=)woof...

They are just like my big brothers, protecting me