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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a super long post

hello everyone! blogger had been having lots of probs so i couldnt blog. so heres a super long post of what ive been doing these few days!
on my way there! excited!
this is marley my another bf=)

they are so irritating. kept disturbing us. we want our private time together!

tired from swimminggggg

russell, my playmate!
me went pasir ris on sunday for my usual routine of swimming, playing and bathing! i had alot of fun, we went super early in hope of finding more friends to play with! and we met russeell who was there early as well! after rounds of swim and games, my mommy and jie jie bathed me and brought me home. cant wait for the next weekend!

me gonna rest with ah ma.

my friends!

when 3 goldens come together=)

2 boys attacking at the same time! ahhh. wooof.


the pictures were taken at tg rhu. these are my dearest furryfriends=) thats why my family likes to take me there. if only max and zackt were there too! it will be much more fun.. and yoda seemed to like me alot. woooof!
im having diarrhoea now. hope it'll get better. my family is worried. maybe its something i ate during the walks. * whine*


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