Snowie Baby

Thursday, April 29, 2010

hello everybody!
im still limping=(
so im in no mood to take any photos,
so just words for this post!
my family is quite worried cos usually a sprain would be okay
in one to 2 days but it has been 3 days and im still limping!
so my daily routine for these 3 days would be 3 short walks ard my place a day.
and playing with my wubba which maxxy gave me every night,
sometimes my mommy hears the sqeaky sound even in the middle of the night!
hope i can well soon and prob go for a swim.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A visit to the veeetttt=(((

today i went tg rhu, the weather was great,
very windy and cloudy.
but, someone's leash got tangled ard my sister's leg,
leaving her bleeding and all,
the person didnt care and gave a not-so sincere apology
if u know what i mean.
and i sprained my leg when my own leash got tangled ard the rubbish bin.
my family was worried so they brought me to the vet immediately.
luckily, the vet said its nth serious at all and it'll heal in prob 2 or 3 days.
then, they gave me some painkillers.
what a day=(

Saturday, April 24, 2010


guess who gave me these lovely things!
its maxxy and family!!
its a squeaky kong which i can play with even in the water and the cutest bowl ever!
its now my water bowl.
thank you so much maxxy and yr daddy and mommy!
and its great seeing woo all healthy and happy again.
licks and kisses.
earlier today, my mommy and sissy think tt i'll feeel cold now tt its raining almost every other day.
they forgot i got a thick coat of fur!

im gonna get you!

wonder what will make me do tricks and jump onto the coffee table?

yea, ure right, its FOOOOOD. i can do EVERYTHING with food.

im going tg rhu so much more often now cos siglap park is infested with mosquitoes.. those irritaing little insects. and im having lots of fun there, meeting all my furpals and BIG green field to run about.
maxxy's daddy says communicating with us fourlegged will make us understand humans more ( maxxy can understand everything his parents say and totally behave like a hu-dog) my family was so fascinated by what maxxy can do and mommy started talking to me non stop.
someone help me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

a tasteless bone! an early wordless( not so) post!

everyone! this is my new bone! i wonder how it tastes like!
hmm, how come this is tastelesss!!!????

my new toy!

and this is my mommy's jacket!

Monday, April 5, 2010

afternoon walk! ^^

milky my neighbour!
hes quite fierce, he wanted to bite me but hes really cute!!

this is the spot where i'll lie everyday before heading home.
this becomes a habit that i'll need the humans to "lure" me up
using cheese or other treats! cos once i lie down, i wont want to ever get up!
reason: i get plenty of pats from my neighbours! im just so loving it!

" i dont want to go ANYWHERE. not even outside. its just too HOT"

have a great week ahead!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

BIGGG nosee!

hey there! i like papaya too! GIVE me somee!!
"i'll pose for the camera! "

big nose saying hi!

caught in action!
mommy gets angry when i pluck my paw fur and it'll get red and swollen.
i cant help it mommy, its itchy!

this weeek has been quite fulfilling for moi cause, i went to the beach to swim
but it started raining, so we had to run to the shelter and hide there for quite some time.
grandpa got a new car so we travel ard at night to test out the car!
nth beats a late night ride!
and i went tg rhu twice in hope of meeting some of my old friends, like maxx and zackt and many others!
i got to see zackt. hes still as cute as ever! hopefully i'll get to see zackt and maxx together
one day!

when someone is sweeping the floor, i climbed up to the table to
make sure i do not hinder them!

last but not least,
i love my new fooood! it has lamb pieces in it!
its called pro plan. u guys can try!