Snowie Baby

Monday, February 22, 2010

thank you SAM!

THANK YOU SAM( for this award!!
truly appreciate it=)

and to accept this award, we'll have to list ten things tt makes me happy.

1) car rides!
2) swimming
3) walks and playing with my fur buddies
4) eating and sleeping and lots of treats
5) destroying things i know i cant
6) my family and i and all my fur buddies to be healthy and happy!
7) to wear scarves
8) chilling out outside and people watching
9)lots and lots of attention
10) sleeping and snoring and farting in the aircon room

and i would like to passs down to my fur buddies

1) maxx
4) op pack
5) sagira
6) tucker and daisy
7) mochi
8) elbouwii
9) sierra
10) life with dogs

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wednesday, not so wordless post=HAPPY VALENTINE'S AKA HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

look to the left, look to the right, look centre,
just to wish everyone and furiends,

my family brought me to the grandparents' home for visiting.
oh well, it was not too bad, i got lots of pats and belly rubs and treats!!

back at home!
moi camera shy shy!

i want to lie on the floor with my belly up!
family photo!

my sister!

my mommmy!!

my grandpa and grandma! smile,

no smile.

come on, lets head out!! i want to leash myself!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

wonders of food and my neighbouhood friends~!

HELLO everyone..
im back!
wanted to introduce to all of woo, my neighbourhood friends!
furbuddies whom i play with every evening!

firstly, this is LANA- the choc lab
showing off the trick none of us can do!
isnt she good?
NEXT UP, meet the CHARMING golden, BUDDY!
isnt he the just so charming?

this is oly, a husky mix golden.
we meet him quite very often but not everyday.
hes fun to be with too!

ok, this picture is R21,
not suitable for the young ones!
as u can see, lana is still having her heat. so
that explains what buddy is doing,

our everyday hobby--- to chase each other around the field.

earlier today, my evil hu-man family is eating some nice smelling fried rice
infront of me.
so i tried,
pretending im not looking( actually looking through the side of my eye)
hoping they will drop some food on the floor.

since its not working, i'll pretend i CLOSE MY EYES.
pretend im not looking....

it worked it worked!!!
i got a small piece of egg!

okay, tts definitely not enough, how about let me eat it from the bowl?
i promise i'll leave somemore for woo!


fine then.
they gave me my salmon treat after tt , i gulped itdown so fast they couldnt take a picture of me
in action.
my thurs was great!
hope yrs is too!
love, snowie

new blogskin

my mommy changed the blogskin N accidently removed all links to my furpals.
shes gonna put them all back soon!
till she fixed my blog, i shall go take a nap while waiting.
have a great great thursday!
love and wags,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


thanks so much to el'bow and hauwii! we have received our very first bloggie award! im so happy! thank you!

the award comes with the following rules:

1) ten things that make you happy
2) pass it along to ten friends

the ten things tt makes snowie happy:

1) eating
2) sleeping
3) lots of walks
4) swimming
5) new toys. ( only the new ones )
6) meeting new furiends and human friends
7) lots of attention-getting pats from everyone who walks pass her
8) destroying things that can be destroyed
9) wearing scarfs
10)car rides

and we would like to pass on this award to:

1) maxx--
2) zackt--
3) sagira--
4)op pack--
5) khyra--
6) miley--
7) sam-
9) farley--
10) tucker and daisy--

have a wonderful day!