Snowie Baby

Thursday, December 31, 2009

im backk!!

are u leaving me here?
plssss dont go.........
oh well, since u ve decided to leave me here,
i may as well make use of the garden to do a bit of chewing, decorating.

come pick me up when ure done!

hello everyone and furpals out there! my com was down for what seemed like ages before the humans go repair it and i finally cna blog again!

my relatives form taiwan came over to visit so im pretty busy entertaining the guests. sometimes ive to go mommy's friend place to stay awhile while they go places i cant go.

anways, wanna wish everyone a happy new year!!!!!!

cant wait for count down later with family.

love, snowie

Friday, December 25, 2009


Sunday, December 13, 2009


sleep sleep sleep to have enough energy for later!
we went to sentosa today for a swim and walk!

the scenery is so nice. hope i get to see this everyday!

dig and dig and found this!

a frisbee deep down the sand!

look left, look right, hope the owner of this frisbee doesnt see this.

i went to try walking the bridge and mann, it was real SHAKY.
i didnt dare to walk much at first, but i got over it after awhile!

my sister and mommy!

today, tanjong beach was filled with many many people
and some of whom, dont really like dogs. they were staring at all the four legged.
it was quite sad cos i just want to play!
my mommy says its due to their religion.

oh well,
ive had fun and tts wads impt i guess!


hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
lots of love, snowie

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


give me whatever ure eating!
share it plsssss...

botanic garden!


or side
view nicer? woof.

the place was so quiet with noone ard at all!
just me and my family.

so the human decided to unleash me to run ard a bit.

can see me running so happily!
if only there are more dog friendly places ard in spore!

our fav tree! dedicated just for us, four-legged!

the road is lined up with many many christmas tree
made from different schs and companies.
i love it!

walking, thinking wad my family will get me this christmas.
its my second christmas i'll be having with them, and many many more!

just 2 more days to weekend! hang in there furpals and humans!
love, snowie

Friday, December 4, 2009

playmate= pictures overload

back from a long long walk.. we are both so tired!

whats tt in his mouth?
hes chewing on MY BONE!

let us home let us home!
we need lots of water.

resting at the park

at ecp! brought russell there cos its his first time!

this is me, at tg rhu, few days back!

my own little private moment while answering the
nature's call.

saw my preys, erm no, i mean furpals!

me being all excited to head out!

i didnt get up on my own though, i needed some help.

love, snowie