Snowie Baby

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bye bye e collar!!

realise anthing different about me?????

yes!! ure right!
im free of the e collar!!!


clowns and balloons everywhere!

what are those? can they be eaten?

HELLO EVERYPAW and humans. IM FREE OF E COLLAR!! woohoo.. i woke up and realise that the e collar is gone! im so happy i ran about in the house to celebrate the freedom of being myself again! to celebrate the joyous moment, my fam brought me to the opening of siglap park.

i got home feeling so happy and tired . i was out the whole day.

i was so excited, i bit off my mommy's specs from her face! wooof!

Friday, October 23, 2009

its a FRIDAY!

keeping my paws crossed, for all humans and furpals out there! may all be blessed with health, love and for furpals, lots of treats and walks!
love, snowie

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

me love my bone! but now its a bit hard for me to chew on it all on myself, so i nd the help of the human to help me hold it while my paws rest.

hello! welcome to my room!

and when its time to brush teeth,

massage the gums- happy! i like clean white teeth.

guess what i just did!

im all good and well, i get to meet my best furpal next sunday and im all excited. just 4 more days to remove the e collar ( which is well, all tattered and torn). just had my heart worm tablet and im all ready to sleep!
have a nice day to all!
love, snowie

Sunday, October 18, 2009

day 6- candid!

firstly, i would like to share the views from my house!
i like to see people playing soccer and looking at the sea thinking when i will get to swim there again!

this is what i do when things get bored at home.

im the queen of the world!!

candid shot!
i miss many many of my furpals. maxxy, zackt, daisy, choleo, and russell!! i hope i get to see them soon! counting down to the day when the e collar can finally be removed and the day when i get to move about as much as i can, getting the usual walks as well!
woof. have a nice day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

day 4 and 5

hello everyone! its the fifth day after my operation and im feeling great! just missing the long walks and being ableto run freely. cant wait for 1 month later ( vet recommended to rest for a month before any vigorous exercises )

posing for the cam!

should i go play the piano?

biscuit in my mouth!

i was biting something i shouldnt in my mouth. my fam were trying to use the treat in exchnage to get the thing! but i was stubborn enough to hold on to it for a few seconds.. before i gulp it down!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


feeling much much better already! thanks for the well wishes! really appreciate it!
i can walk and sleep better now! my fam brought me out for slow and short walks last night and this morning. hope i can go for my usual walks and play soon!

fam got to get my wound cleaned and dried twice a day. its loooking not too bad and not as swollen as the first day. though i always have the urge to scratch it but wearing the e collar makes it seems impossible.

my fur being shaved. so messy and ugly! hopefully it'll grow back soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

day 1 and 2

my first night after being spayed.
the night was horrible. i kept waking up every 5 mins due to the pain. luckily my mommy and jie2 were there for me. didtn have a gd night slp!

greetings to my huge e collar!

im hungry after not eating for many hours!

in pain!
hopefully i get to slp more peacefully tonight.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


hello there everyone! im here today to share my unpleasant experience at the dog park today.
firstly, a male jack russell tried to hump me. family tht its not too bad as i know how to protect myself. but things got bad when tt little jack russell started grinding his body on me and growling fiercely, wanting to bite me. the dog was practically trying to hump all the dogs in the park and even bit a dog when he disallowed him to do so. the owner didnt care until my mommy and jie jie were looking for the owners. they came and immediately pushed the blame on me that im on heat when in fact i wasnt. he even added that since im not on heat, my family shuld allow his dog to hump me as i wont get pregnant. fam got angry as that was very irresponsible of him to say that. he even requested fam to get me out of the dog park because fam should hold on to me when its his dog thats coming after me all along. there were some disputes and the owner left shortly after.

spoilt my sunday.
ridiculous owner. irritating dog.

Friday, October 9, 2009

botanic garden!

shake shake!

hello there swans! do u want me to get down there to look for u guys?

take a look at my butt!

thanks for the comments on the previous post, it makes me feel much better! guess its not too bad after all! wooof!
anyways, my fam took me out for a long walk at botanic garden. they're trying to " compensate " me as they say they wont be able to bring me out for walks for about a week after my operation. thats really bad.
on a happier note, i saw the swans today, said hello to them and met a few pawpals. love walks at the botanic garden. its so green and clean.
and im looking forward to my pawpal, donut's first birthday on sunday! heard theres a buffet specially for us! woooof.
im getting sleepy after the long walk. shall update tmr! gd night to all.


oh no, i just overheard that they, the humans are going to send me to the vet to get me spayed!!! this coming monday!
oh nooo.. im so nervous and afraid! i hate going to the vet.

i shall sleep my worries away.

is it really true. i want to bring my toys along with me!

to make me happier, my fam gave me my fav snack. fish for dog!

chop chop chop

do i really have to go??