Snowie Baby

Sunday, November 22, 2009

SISTER'S BIRTHDAY aka watermelon

bits of watermelon left on the sofa by moi.

chop chop chop. yummy! i stole the watermelon from the table.
my fam went elsewhere to do something and came back with the
watermelon in my mouth!

applying cream on my face-- moi got a bad cut.. but its getting better!

SISTER'S 21st birthday!

didnt manage to get a piece, cos the humans say im not allowed
to eat choc. but still, i got part of the cardboard paper!

can i have some?? snniff sniff. it smells nice. i can try it
out for u!

for MOI???

trying to enter the forbidden area
the only place im not allowed in the house.
the human's dad office!

hello everyone and furpals! im back from the dogrun. my buddy, russell didnt
go today so i have no playmates ard, but the christmas deco there did get me
excited for quite a while!
didnt bring my cam, willl take some pictures for u guys next time!
didnt stayed long enough for the " snowing" they promised to
let us experience, prob some foam! hopefully i get to experience it next wk!
hope everyone and everypaw had a great weekend and lets look forward to next wk's!
best wishes to you and hope uve had a wonderful birthday!
from, me and my family.

Friday, November 20, 2009

a wordless post

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

botanic again!

i was getting bored and saw the nice rubber band on the human's hair. it looks edible. so i decided to try.
a tug of war will be nice too!

getting sleepy..

lets go to the botanic garden!

meet the 3 poodles furpals. they are so cute!

as the humans mingle, we interact and smell each other too!

water break+ photo shoot with the humans. i want my water!

botanic was fun, it was weekend so the park was quite crowded. many pple took my photos and played ' catch " with me. my human family realised ive had this hidden skill, so they started practising catch-the-tennis-ball-with-my-mouth game at home.

my collin furpal!

meet the beautiful puppy golden!

caught it!!
i will like to wish everyone and everypaw to be blessed with good health and happiness. and to those furpals who arent feeling tt well, i'll cross my paws and pray for u.
love, snowie

Friday, November 13, 2009


what are u looking at?

yes yes, im stuck at home cos of the weather. so, i will just slp away, hoping the rain will stop pretty soon!

have a nice head start to the weekends!
im crossing my paws to all the furpals out there who needs it.
will be praying for them to get well soon!
love, snowie

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tuesday- BONE!

ive to wear this because im a devil. and why is that so?

dont come near me!!

chop chop chop. yummy.

because, i allow no one, absolutely no one, to get near me and my bone.
mommy and jie2 went out the whole day yesterday and returned with a bag full of stuff for me!
and i like this kangaroo bone the best! i have been chewing on it a few hours and it just tastes better!
have a good day!
love, snowie

Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunday day!


my new scarf!

russell my best bud and me showering at the dog park!

pleasure of chewing

Hello everyone! hows yr weekend?

my weekend was great. i went to the dog park today and met some of my furpals! i had fun! and on fri, we went to sentosa, tanjong beach for a swim! first swim in a month! boi, it was so much fun! i miss soaking my body in water. but my fam just realised that my wound on my belly got slightly infected prob due to the swim. i just took the antibiotics and hopefully they allow me back to the water soon!
have a great day ahead!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

wordless post