Snowie Baby

Thursday, March 24, 2011

its a sleeeeeepyyy day!

my tongue is longggg!

sweeet dreams to all!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


HELLO! HERE ARE THE PICTURES!! sharing with u guys what ive been up to these few daysss!!

hello hello! it has been ages since ive updated my blog!

mommy has been busy with her part time work and studies as exams are ard the corner.

anyways, she decided to blog today because she just finished reading a book called cowboy and wills. its a story about an autistic boy and a golden retriever who changed his life. with cowboy's help he slowly stepped into thw world. sadly, cowboy didnt lived till 3 years. its so sad it brought tears to both my mommy and sister.

anyways, on a brighter note,

todays botanic day!

i had a great day walking and running and sniffing butts!!
and last of all, ive missed all my bloggy furpals!!!!!