Snowie Baby

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a sleepy day

guess whats ttt!!!
a wooden bear's feet! all for me to chew on! WOOF.


i dont mind a mushroom toy too=)

dont take it away will u! just take a photo will do!

i love sleeeepingg !!

my fav and most comfortable sleeping position.

it has been my fav position since 9 months ago when
i was still a 2 month-old puppy!

thinking of how it was like last sunday when i was at tanjong beach!
how i wish i can go back there again!!

hello everyone! we went tg rhu for our evening walk today.
the weather was perfect!
very cloudy, not too hot and sunny which i hate!
and guess who we met the moment we reached!
its daisy, chloe and sasha! we immediately started our rounds of chasing and jumping.
they're so fun to play with.
afterwards, we continue our walk and met zackt and his mommy!!
we sniffed each other, said hi and continue our walk, hoping to
catch him again later.
and when we were in the car, driving home, we saw maxx along the rd!
ahh, if only we left a little later and we could have met him!
perhaps next time!
im tired, had a pretty long walk today, shall update my blog again
good night fur friends and people..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

today my fam and i went tanjong beach to swim!!
my fam woke up esp early today.
it was so much fun. so many fur pals there. though not all are friendly.
ive had so much fun.
after that, we went pasir ris for a swim and
the usual games with my friends!
and i ve had a bath there and home!
i was dead beat by the time i reached home. finished my dinner in a hurry
and went to take a nice nap.
didnt take any pictures today as our cam has got no batt! next time!
tata. good night everyone.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

pictures overload!

brush teeth!

maxxy's daddy always check my teeth and compliment them.

so i must not disappoint him and maintain them.

dinnnner time!!

i love mommmmy!

this is my ah ma and mommy!

two attacking me!! unfair!

when the 4 of us come together and gether! woof.

this is what happened when im so worn out after my morning walks.

today, i decided to slp with my toys.

i love bubble tea too u know? rmb to buy one for me the next time!

yes, what cha looking at?



my family likes it when im dry, they say im prettier tt way.
wad do u think?

you can count on me, i'll stay faithful to you all my life.

hello all fur friends!

me went tg rhu for me evening walk today.
i met chloe sasha and daisy!
i had a round or two games with them beofre continuing my walk.
by the time we finished the walk, i was bushed.
nevertheless, im so excited for tmr's trip to sentosa! my first time!
im gonna go there to play frisbee and swim and to make many new
fur friends if there are any. wooooof!
hope to see my fur friends there as well.
goodnight everyone.
happy 11th month to me and myself!! wooof.
im gonna be a teenager soon!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's thursday today

Hello Fur Buddies,
I shall have a short update today..Grandpa is lying on the bed, suffering from migraine. Me feeling so sad to see him in pain.. I shall dig the mattress and lie down quietly beside him..Hope he recover soon so that we can go out and play as a family again.. woofsniff..

I miss car rides with grandpa and family.

Grandpa, are you feeling ok? I miss going out for a walk with you around.

By the way, i overheard my family saying that they might bring me out for a swim at Tanjong Beach this coming sunday..WOOF..simply cant wait to jump over the waves and paddle against the cool waters..shall compete with mommy and jiejie to see who swims the best!! Hopefully i will get to see Maxxy swimming at sentosa..To Zackt, hope that one day you wont be afraid of the waters, cant wait for the day where we all can swim together, will definitely be of great fun.

I LOVE SWIMMINGThis is my new friend, Snuffy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hello everyone!
guess what! me went to the beach and swam for the first time!
in my 11months of life.
it was so much fun, swimming against the tide,
trying to reach for mommy and jie jie who
were calling out for me. they went in to the water to swim with me
or rather to guide me along!
it was a last min decision, mommy and jie jie wanted
to try out whether im still afraid of the water.
but im not!
i love the sea!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i love fooood.

a bubble forming at the corner of my mouth.
i must be dreaming of foood!
i shall go beg for fooood.
i think i smell something nice.
the humans must be eating now!

this is my signature pose. fooooood please~~

are u willing to share yr food with me? pls...

or maybe you?


Friday, August 14, 2009

ahhh.. im so bored!!! bring me out for a walk pls pls!! =)

at tg rhu today

i think i saw maxxxy!!

here he comes.. though he always doesnt seem to care much about me, i still like him alot! wooof.

they are maxxy's lovely parents!

on the way home.......

" can i come tg rhu again? i will love to meet all my friends "

i was so bored at home today. jie jie went for work, mommy went to sch. so i
spent my afternoon sleeping and wondering ard the hse.
when mommy came back,
i was hoping very much to
go for my evening walk earlier cos it seemed as if its going to rain anytime!
oh well, luckily it didnt!
i went tg rhu for my evening walk today and met and played with daisy, sasha max and zackt!
hope to see u guys soon!
gonna take a nap now.. zzzzzz..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A short Update

thw toy is a present from one of my best human friend!
my family like my hamster sitting position.

at expo!! where i get to chase lots of birds! =)

sorry i havent been updating my blog cos my mommy has been pretty busy with her sch and stuff. she promise me tt she'll spare more time to help me blog! wooof.