Snowie Baby

Friday, April 2, 2010

BIGGG nosee!

hey there! i like papaya too! GIVE me somee!!
"i'll pose for the camera! "

big nose saying hi!

caught in action!
mommy gets angry when i pluck my paw fur and it'll get red and swollen.
i cant help it mommy, its itchy!

this weeek has been quite fulfilling for moi cause, i went to the beach to swim
but it started raining, so we had to run to the shelter and hide there for quite some time.
grandpa got a new car so we travel ard at night to test out the car!
nth beats a late night ride!
and i went tg rhu twice in hope of meeting some of my old friends, like maxx and zackt and many others!
i got to see zackt. hes still as cute as ever! hopefully i'll get to see zackt and maxx together
one day!

when someone is sweeping the floor, i climbed up to the table to
make sure i do not hinder them!

last but not least,
i love my new fooood! it has lamb pieces in it!
its called pro plan. u guys can try!


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