Snowie Baby

Monday, February 22, 2010

thank you SAM!

THANK YOU SAM( for this award!!
truly appreciate it=)

and to accept this award, we'll have to list ten things tt makes me happy.

1) car rides!
2) swimming
3) walks and playing with my fur buddies
4) eating and sleeping and lots of treats
5) destroying things i know i cant
6) my family and i and all my fur buddies to be healthy and happy!
7) to wear scarves
8) chilling out outside and people watching
9)lots and lots of attention
10) sleeping and snoring and farting in the aircon room

and i would like to passs down to my fur buddies

1) maxx
4) op pack
5) sagira
6) tucker and daisy
7) mochi
8) elbouwii
9) sierra
10) life with dogs


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