Snowie Baby

Friday, October 9, 2009

botanic garden!

shake shake!

hello there swans! do u want me to get down there to look for u guys?

take a look at my butt!

thanks for the comments on the previous post, it makes me feel much better! guess its not too bad after all! wooof!
anyways, my fam took me out for a long walk at botanic garden. they're trying to " compensate " me as they say they wont be able to bring me out for walks for about a week after my operation. thats really bad.
on a happier note, i saw the swans today, said hello to them and met a few pawpals. love walks at the botanic garden. its so green and clean.
and im looking forward to my pawpal, donut's first birthday on sunday! heard theres a buffet specially for us! woooof.
im getting sleepy after the long walk. shall update tmr! gd night to all.


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