Snowie Baby

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


give me whatever ure eating!
share it plsssss...

botanic garden!


or side
view nicer? woof.

the place was so quiet with noone ard at all!
just me and my family.

so the human decided to unleash me to run ard a bit.

can see me running so happily!
if only there are more dog friendly places ard in spore!

our fav tree! dedicated just for us, four-legged!

the road is lined up with many many christmas tree
made from different schs and companies.
i love it!

walking, thinking wad my family will get me this christmas.
its my second christmas i'll be having with them, and many many more!

just 2 more days to weekend! hang in there furpals and humans!
love, snowie


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