Snowie Baby

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

botanic again!

i was getting bored and saw the nice rubber band on the human's hair. it looks edible. so i decided to try.
a tug of war will be nice too!

getting sleepy..

lets go to the botanic garden!

meet the 3 poodles furpals. they are so cute!

as the humans mingle, we interact and smell each other too!

water break+ photo shoot with the humans. i want my water!

botanic was fun, it was weekend so the park was quite crowded. many pple took my photos and played ' catch " with me. my human family realised ive had this hidden skill, so they started practising catch-the-tennis-ball-with-my-mouth game at home.

my collin furpal!

meet the beautiful puppy golden!

caught it!!
i will like to wish everyone and everypaw to be blessed with good health and happiness. and to those furpals who arent feeling tt well, i'll cross my paws and pray for u.
love, snowie


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