Snowie Baby

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

its monday!

hello every furpals! its sunday again! so its back to the beach and pasir ris! didnt get to take photos at the beach though. anyways,
let me introduce my pawmate and my best buddy---> RUSSELL! ( the golden on top)
we like to play with each other and he will protect me when other dogs try to get on me. we were getting combed to get a photoshoot!

anyways, this is a super huge german shepherd. but hes really really friendly. my ahgoh and ahma loves him. they have always wanted one german shepherd!

anyways, when we were all tired from the runs and swim, we headed home and this time i drove! i was a pretty good driver, definitely better than my mommy!

tired... let me change to my pyjamas and i shall SLEEEP! yawnnn

good night to all! =) have a great day.


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