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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

and the clock strikes 12, its my FIRST birthday!

yummy! it my birthday bluberry cheesecake! ive had so much joy licking it like that.
woof woof. my family counted down to 12 midnight to switch off the lights just to sing me a birthday song!
at botanic

i think i see something familiar

aha! its maxxy's friends, the swans! hello there! will u come to me?

see, my side view show that im not too plump after all.

it was a sunny day, so i need to be kept hydrated at all times!

aha! they love moooi!

this is how they were before i enter into their lives!

now they are all loving- because of me! wooof. just kidding.

to mark my one yr existence in tis world,
my family brought me to botanic garden to have a nice long walk.
so many plants to smell, so many places to go.
my family gave me ample attention today because they say its
a very special day for me and them.
and thats because im borned exactly this day last yr!

i felt like a princess today! hope it'll be the same every single day
last but not least,
loads and loads of thanks and appreciation to maxx
and his family.

thanks yr wishes! its so sweet!



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