Snowie Baby

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hello all!

hey, u come come closer, even closer........... ahhh.. thats me with no wrinkles yet! wooof!

getting lots of love from family!

someone woke me up from my slp. yawnnnnnnn

grandpa and granma paid us a visit! i like them! they are really nice to me!


hi all! sorry for the late update ofmy blog. u can blame mommy for that! she has been busy with sch stuff so, yep! woof.
ive been going ecp, sentosa and tg rhu for my walks and swims. missed a few of my fur buddies. like zackt and maxxy, daisy and sasha! hope to see them ard soon and im looking forward to my weekly swim this sun! =)
im gonna take my afternoon nap now! will be back for more updates! wooof.


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