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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Looking Pink!!

my mommy and jie jie tied my hair before heading out for my walk today. how do i look?

ahhh. they love me so much!!

i went ecp today for my evening walk. my mommy joined us after sch. i like to look at the sea. It helped to forget my worries---- of not getting enough to eat since im on a diet forced by my family, for a moment. my wish is to swim in the sea without fearing the waves.

and i came home feeling so worn out. so i fell asleep immediately after my dinner.
last sunday's photos

This sunday i went pasir ris pet movers as usual. these are my golden friends. it was yet another day of fun!

this is marley, my sunday boyfriend=)

they like looking at my bull nose. wooof.
i am so looking forward to seeing them again this weekend.

i gotta go catch up on my slp and prob a nnice breakfast tmr! good night everyone!
love, snowie.


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