Snowie Baby

Sunday, March 28, 2010

socks =( & FOOOOOOD =)~~~

*chop chop chop*
chew chew chew

* sniff sniff*
i smell something GOOOOD. ^^

"come on, share some with mmmmee! "

"look at that! can i have EVERYTHING? ^^"


" preeeese!! pretty pretty PLSS! "

my sis ended up giving me just one piece of egg, worse still,
they put me through

because they bought new kibbles for moi and ended up im allergic to it.
and i ended up scratching and scratching till my mouth bled and my paws too!
can u believe it? its fish flavour! i love it though..
so they decided to feed it to the stray dogs we found outside my swimming place.
im sure they'll like it! ^^

which means, i can have home cooked food for the next
couple of days!


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