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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wednesday fun

im so ready to head out! where we going to today?!

ah, wait, itchy spot! ( im wet because my family put apple cidar vinegar
on me all over my body everyday before we leave house.
they've learnt this from the internet that it will prevent ticks and fleas! its one-one portion of water and vinegar! the smell will stay just for prob 10 mins!
and im tick-less and flea-less so far! so they want me to share with all my furpals this
natural method of preventing those little monsters.
eating onion or garlic is good too! )

have u decided where to bring me yet?

meet chloe!

meet rainbow and lucky!
they are so cute! they just had all their baby teeth removed at the vet.
so they are teeth-less now.
poor thing.

yet another new scarf. i wonder when they will stop
getting these for me!

a few furpals have left this world and crossed over to the
other side.
furpals like ziggy and cisco will be missed.
our hearts go out to all their family members.
lets treasure each and every day we spend and live life to the fullest.


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