Snowie Baby

Sunday, January 10, 2010

sunday madness

it has been a while since i last blogged.
blame it on the humans!

anyways, i went to the dog park today! tts sort of a routine

thing, a every sunday thing.

its really fun meeting all my furpals and my best bud, russell.

but the weather is so hot! im dreaming about all

my other furpals out there enjoying themselves in the snow!

i wish it snows in spore! i'll pray hard for tt to happen!

feeling all hot and stuffy and thirsty

meet this little cutie over here!
all the humans going awwwww over him!
hes like 20 kg and hes a pomerarian! ( i think the standard weight should be ard 3-5 kg? )

meet vj! the handsome boy! my ex boyfriend. he has gotten over me when he got
an immediate reject from me when he tried to mount.
isnt he cute!

time to hit the sack! so exhausted!

hope everypawdy and humans have a great weekend!


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