Snowie Baby

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a slumber party!!!

mommy, wasnt i great just now?

hey there, let me introduce, this is russell, my best bud!!

this is mooooi!

russell is feeling tired from all the playingg!

we like to slp close to each other!

mommy wants to apologise for the lack of updates recently as she has been busy with her schwork and some other stuff. she promised me tt it wont happen so often!

anyways, few days back, my buddy, russell came to visit me! =) it was great having him ard. we played for hrs at home before heading down to sentosa to swim and play. photos were accidently deleted from cam so couldnt show u all, but luckily there were some taken using my sister's phone.
just as mommy was helping me to type this, russell's daddy called saying he'll bring russell over again!
wad good news was tt!
we went down to pick him up and brought him over to ecp, had a very long walk and just when we were about to head home, we met kingtaro and his mommy and takeru! wad a coincidence!
they are our friends at tg rhu and its surprising and happy to see them again after so long! glad hes doing better!
will upload all the pics and show u all tmr!
i'll gonna hit the sack now. tired...
love, snowie


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