Snowie Baby

Thursday, January 14, 2010

kiss kiss

hello all furpals and people!
i went tg rhu 2 days back and met some of my friends there! it has been like, a few months since the last time i went there.
i met my boyfriend, zackt! he seemed to still remember me and im so glad! its great to see his cute blur face again. and i played a round with chloe too. and then im hoping i'll meet maxxy! but hes nowhere in sight and its getting dark so we left.
today, i went to the park near my house and met a lost friend. someone was helping him to find his home or a new home. my family thought it might be bobbi ( the lost golden whom maxx has mentioned in his blog ) but its a labrador.
i hope he finds his home. hes pretty friendly with people, but he doesnt seemed to behave the same ard the other furpals.
have a great day.
im still praying for snowwwww....


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