Snowie Baby

Sunday, October 10, 2010

happy day!

munch munch munch

hello every furpals and humans!

long time no see!

me and family went tg rhu yest!!!

and we met maxxy and family and maxxy's family got MOI all these lovely treats, hair pins, birthday note, pictures and best of all, a humongous BONE. ( MY FAV!!)

and kelly, zackt's mommy got MOI my FAV rope TOY!! and also

such lovely hair pins which i heard mommy is

gonna put on me everyday ( oh no)

and this is moi thanking max and zackt 's family for the presents and as well as each and everyone of you out there who wished moi! THANK U VERY MUCH. it was indeed a wonderful
2nd birthday!!!

woof wooooof!!!!!


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