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Monday, June 28, 2010

botanic plus tantrum throwing!

i had a tiresome day. guess what happened!!

yes, im definitely throwing tantrum, cause,
the humans BATHE ME AGAIN. just the day after i swam.
just because it rained when we reached botanic, then i ran in the mud and got muddy all over.
isnt muddy good? i love the mud. they just dont understand and put me thru the bath time again.

this is what happened that day, sunday!

i saw maxxy and zackt here in the pictures! i was hoping to see them both but they
were not there=(
prob some other time!

i had a great day though. they brought me there early for an extra long walk
cause they are leaving me home alone for some dinner with relatives.
when they came back, it was alrdy 11pm. they felt bad so they brought me to
tg rhu for a late night walk. there werent anyone there so they unleashed me
and i ran ard the green field, smelling every inch of the grass.
it was nice!
hope everyone and furpal have a great week ahead!!!!!
lots of love.


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